If You’re Still Spinning Your Wheels Because You Can’t Find That One Thing To Finally Make You The Trainer You’ve Always Wanted To Be, Listen Up..

The Secrets Of The Best World-Class Trainers Are Finally Revealed In This Complete 7-Step Training System That Even The Most Inexperienced Coaches Can Use To Create 10X More Effective Programs!

…Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Useless Courses, Books, and DVD’s That Don’t Work…And Get The Exact Start-to-Finish System That Gets Results Every Time!

I want to be completely honest with you…

I wish this system was around 20 years ago when I first started training athletes because I made a TON of mistakes. Unfortunately, I had to struggle to learn the hard way what training works….and what doesn’t.

If you’re a new trainer just getting started or an experienced trainer who’s been in the industry for years, you know the biggest obstacles you face is getting athlete results and trying to make your mark – even when each athlete is a completely different puzzle you have to figure out.

Finding that one thing to make the biggest difference in getting each athlete stronger, faster, and more explosive can literally explode your business and have athletes beating down your door trying to train with you.

The problem is, you can have all of the passion you want but if you don’t have the tools to actually get the job done, you’ll just be spinning your wheels and guessing what each athlete needs.

The PROVEN Blueprint For Getting the RESULTS You Want And Exploding Your Business

Imagine if you had a PROVEN training template for all of your programs – a step-by-step guide for EVERY SINGLE PHASE of the workout – and you knew exactly which exercises worked and how to effectively incorporate them for every athlete that walks through your doors?!

That is EXACTLY what the new Athletic Strength Development System will do for you – no more guesswork and all of your questions are answered with this simple-to-use and easy-to-apply complete training system!

Each and every DVD and book in the system goes above and beyond to cover everything you need to take your athletes and clients to another level and leaves no stone unturned.

Look Like a Genius and Feel Like the Best Coach in the World!

When we sat down to start developing this done-for-you training system, we defined the top 7 obstacles that all coaches face when trying to create life-changing workouts that GET RESULTS FAST. We created every component in this system to eliminate all of these obstacles so that we could help strength coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, and fitness enthusiasts live their passion by helping more athletes to finally achieve a new level of performance and live stronger, healthier lives.

This Is Absolutely The Easiest Way To
Eliminate All of Your Obstacles

Every single workout and program you ever create must overcome these critical roadblocks, and in the Complete Athletic Strength Development System, we show you exactly how to do it!

Roadblock #1: How to Effectively Warm-up And Make Every Single Training Session Amazing!

The warm-up should never be skipped because it helps transition each client and athlete from whatever they were doing all day – to getting under the bar and training at their absolute highest potential. This section of the workout is critical and if you want your athletes to train better, use heavier weights, get after it with greater intensity, and reach their goals faster – NEVER SKIP THE WARM-UP. We show you exactly how to create a perfect warm-up with the best self-myofascial release drills, the most effective dynamic mobility and activation sequences, and the best-of-the-best “greasing-the-groove” techniques you’ve ever seen. Get ready to have the best training sessions you’ve ever had with your athletes after you get the AMPED Warm-up System!

Roadblock #2: How to Make Your Athletes More Explosive, Powerful, And Able to Jump Out Of The Gym!

Because of their intensity, we put power exercises next in our training template for the Athletic Strength Development System. In this phase of the workout, we show you the absolute best upper and lower body plyometrics, jump training drills, explosive medicine balls throwing variations, Olympic weightlifting alternatives,  and the most powerful contrast training sequences that will have every athlete in your program reaching new levels of explosiveness and power output. The POWER DVD and manual is a game-changer with the most innovative power exercises you have ever seen!

Roadblock #3: How to Develop Agility, Acceleration, And Blazing Speed!

Unfortunately, most trainers are intimidated by speed training and think it is too complicated or they’ve only learned from the standard ‘track and field’ model. Well, game time doesn’t happen in a straight line and developing real blazing speed for team sport athletes isn’t as simple as running a few patterned cone or ladder drills. Team sport athletes require a massively different and more integrated approach for truly unlocking their acceleration, deceleration, max velocity, and agility potential! You don’t have to be overwhelmed or intimidated ever again – start using speed training protocols in your workout with your athletes right now! The new SPEED system is perfect for getting your athletes faster than ever before!

Roadblock #4: How to Take Your Athlete’s Strength To Another Level!

Every super effective training session includes a variation of the bench press, squat, or deadlift – that is why they’re called the ‘Big 3’ of barbell training. While it is easy to write these exercises on a piece of paper and pick a weight to use, if you’re not getting each athlete to dial in their technique for each of the lifts, they’ll never reach their full strength potential. It is critical for you to know the right regressions for each movement to eliminate every athlete’s current limitations, weaknesses, and ‘tight areas’ – or you could be setting them up for a big time injury and NO RESULTS. The STRENGTH System has the proven techniques and coaching cues to help you revolutionize your program, because better technique on the ‘BIG 3″ barbell lifts will develop the foundation of strength needed to get bigger, faster, stronger!

Roadblock #5: How to Eliminate Weaknesses And Build More Muscle MASS!

The basics always work. That is a fact. You already know about pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, dips, and so on…and how they are the most common supplemental exercises that athletes use in their workouts after their primary lifts (such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, and military press) are done. To prevent a training plateau, however, all exercises and programs must progress – that is where the EXTREME DVD comes into play. This is literally THE biggest arsenal of the best never-before-seen exercises that will CHANGE YOUR WORKOUTS FOREVER. You now have unlimited options and exercise variations where you can modify, change, and create the most effective workouts ever written. The EXTREME DVD will make training fun again for you and your athletes.

Roadblock #6: How To Build A Bulletproof Core And Get Your Athletes To Dominate On The Field!

As a next level trainer, learning what causes the most common posture, movement, and breathing dysfunctions – will help you to better understand why your athletes can’t perform certain exercises well and why they don’t look ‘powerful’ when executing athletic movements. Recognizing common ‘bad habits’ will immediately change how effective your programs are and help your athletes move better, feel better, and perform better. Immobility issues, poor breathing mechanics, and weak muscle groups need to be addressed in every single workout if you want every athlete to reach their potential – this is exactly the very reason the Hard:CORE System was developed.

Roadblock #7: How to Take Your Athlete’s Strength, Power, And Speed From The Weight Room To Game Time!

You do NOT want to mess this up. If your program is making your athletes stronger, but they are getting slower in the game, then you’ve got a BIG problem. You have to use the right exercises at the right times and you can never make the mistake of using too much ‘heavy’ training and neglecting the right power, speed, and special strength exercises! The key is athletic performance! This means an athletic assessment and understanding where each athlete falls on the Speed Strength Continuum is critical to truly improving each athlete’s potential performance in their sport. The new Special Strength system is where the rubber meets the road and where great trainers shine and get all of the glory!

Enter the NEW Complete Athletic Strength Development system!

But Before I Tell You About This Essential Recovery System I Want To Share What Some Other Fitness Industry Leaders and Professional Athletes Have To Say…

“Extreme is an Important DVD”

My friends James Smith and Joe Defranco have done it again! Simply put, I’m a huge fan of these guys’ training methods, training equipment, innovation/creativity, and scientific rationale. You won’t find many coaches with more street cred than these guys, but what makes them even greater at what they do is the fact that they’re both students of the iron game. It’s the blend of scientific theory and practical application that creates the ultimate coach, and these guys are oozing both components. I can watch their videos all day long and am “Extreme”ly thankful that they go to such great efforts to put these high-quality DVD’s together for other coaches, trainers and lifters. Extreme emanates testosterone and after you watch the DVD you’ll be glad you went through the experience as the knowledge of the unique movements found within will flat out make you better at what you do.”

Here’s a quote from Joe DeFranco that really hit home during the video:

“Conventional exercises such as the barbell squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press build the foundation for most athletes’ general physical preparedness in the gym. But it’s with the supplemental exercises where we can get really creative and start bridging the gap from the general adaptations that we built in the gym, to improving an athlete’s potential for performance on the field. And improving an athlete’s performance on the field is really what functional training is all about. This is commonly referred to as specialized physical preparedness, or SPP. “

In Extreme, Smitty and Defranco share their cues, their creativity, and their passion as they move through upper body, lower body, full body, core, and rehab exercises that involve varying levels of instability for optimal chaos training. Extreme is an important DVD for your training video arsenal.

Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS

“AMPED is One of the Most Valuable Resources!”

“AMPED is one of the most valuable resources an athlete can own. This is because a proper warm-up is essential if you’re looking to have an intense workout or a dominating on-field performance. Personally speaking, I’ve experienced BOTH after performing the warm-ups outlined in AMPED! I also love incorporating the ‘recovery’ warm-ups during my off-days because they keep my legs feeling loose and fresh.”

Brian Cushing, Houston Texans linebacker2009 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

Dr. Squat says,
“Precious Few Resources Like POWER!”

“Man, I’ve seen it all when it comes to training for sports! As a coach, author and athlete for over 50 years, I can tell you that there are precious few resources out there that can compare with the new DVD, “POWER!” by Joe DeFranco and James Smith. These guys are the real deal, folks! In “POWER!” they have given you practically every tool you will ever need in your quest for total domination in your sport! Buy it now. Don’t think about it.”

Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D. aka “Dr. Squat”

“I Could Put Into Action Right Away!”

“Jim Smith and Joe DeFranco did a great job with the Power DVD. When I go to a seminar or watch a DVD, I am ecstatic to walk away with one new exercise or idea. After watching Power, I had a half dozen new things that I could put into action right away – and I’m sure there will be even more for you!”

“A Great Reference With Lots of Therapeutic Exercises…!”

“Check out James Smith and Joe Defranco’s Hard:CORE System. It is a nice blending of topics such as core, establishing neutral posture, patterns of dysfunction, breathing, soft-tissue quality, mobility, stability, and activation. It is a great reference with lots of therapeutic exercises. I am delighted to be included as a reference.”

Dr. Erik DaltonAuthor of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

“Amazing Resource…..Will Be Added to Our Educational Library!”

“Jim “Smitty” Smith and Joe DeFranco have compiled an amazing resource for any strength coach &/or fitness enthusiast looking for “go to resource” on how to effectively warm up for any type of training session. Their Amped DVD and Manual is now going to be added to our Peak Performance educational library and will be a requirement for all my training staff to review.”

Joe Dowdell, CSCSPeak Performance

“…I Was Blown Away!”

“I just had a chance to sit down and watch Power for the first time and was blown away. The first thing I noticed is what a high quality, first class production job they did. Secondly, I liked how they dropped science in a way that anyone could easily understand. They gave you just enough of the “why” without making it overwhelming or boring but enough essential information that you should definitely have if you’re going to implement these techniques yourself or with your athletes.

Finally, they blew me away with the vast number of exercises they included in the DVD. Even after nearly two decades in the business I picked up a few new ones and was reminded of a few oldies-but-goodies that I had forgotten about. In all honesty, a lot of training DVD’s people send me to review end up in a stack next to Star Wars and Braveheart, never to be watched because I simply don’t have the time. But when two of the most respected innovative leaders in the strength and conditioning field (who also happen to be two great human beings) send me anything I rip it open and dive in the first chance I get. Unless, of course, there’s a porn DVD that happened to come in the same UPS delivery; then it gets put on hold for 90 seconds.

If you’re an athlete or a coach you owe it to yourself to own a copy of POWER!”

Jason FerruggiaOwner- Renegade Strength & Conditioning, LLC
Chief Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine

“Easy-to-Understand and Can Easily Be Applied Right Away!”

“I’ve come across and read a lot of strength manuals in my time as a coach, and to be perfectly honest, most make my head hurt. I can’t read more than a few pages before I get bogged down with really long words, charts on strength curves, and a bunch of research studies.

This isn’t to say that all the manuals that use those things are bad, rather, they just have a hard time keeping my attention.

STRENGTH is the antithesis of that. What I can appreciate is that the information is given in a way that anyone can understand, and can easily be applied right away.

Whether you’re a coach yourself or just someone looking to take their training to the next level, both Jim and Joe have given us a fantastic resource.”

Tony Gentilcore, CSCShttps://bretcontreras.com/wp-content/uploads/gentilcore.jpg

“The Most Thorough and Effective Warm-up System I Have Ever Seen…”

“I’ll tell you what, the Amped Warm-up manual and DVD package is the most thorough and effective warm-up system I have ever seen. The movements are not only great, the coaching points, illustrations and video demos make them virtually fool-proof. Once again Joe and Smitty have come out with more great stuff to help you, your athletes, and/or your clients get better. “

Robert dos Remedios, MA, CSCS, SCCC

Here’s Just A Sneak Peak At The Solutions You’ll Get With The Athletic Strength Development System:

  • Learn which common speed training mistakes are often missed in most programs OR used too much. (HINT: Overspeed Training – Over-rated or Super Powerful SPEED BUILDER?!)
  • Find out the difference between Speed vs. “Conditioning” – Match made in Heaven or one of the biggest mistakes that most coaches make!
  • “All Show, No Go” – The TRUTH about common speed drills that don’t carry over to the athletic field! (The most forgotten aspect of Speed – Everyone needs it, yet no one trains it…)
  • One of the most critical but rarely-used technique that EVERYONE MUST do to make every single rep and every single set SUPER EFFECTIVE! (DON’T MISS THIS!)
  • A simple way to instantly improve your STRENGTHMOST trainers get this completely WRONG! (Find out which ones you HAVE to do to get constant, long-term gains and bigger, faster, stronger!)
  • Shatter records in the gym and have athletes adding more weight to the bar RIGHT NOWsimply by doing this BEFORE EVERY lift. (Mess this up and you’ll get injured)
  • The shocking way to make every workout super intense, super effective, and get your athletes jumping out of the gym! (Hint: This new trick works for any athlete at any level!)
  • Boost your athlete’s results, get them faster, more explosive, and stronger than they’ve ever been when you learn exactly how to use the number one tool that defines athletic performance.
  • Get the perfect 6-Step programming template proven to completely change every single workout you write forever! (You do NOT want to write another program without the Special Strength Movement Competency Continuum).
  • Get the critical Athletic Assessment checklist that will literally revolutionize your program and turn your gym into the life-changing facility you’ve always dreamed of.
  • The little-known trick that will keep your athlete’s healthy, strong, and happy – coming back year after year and playing their position to their absolute best abilities (If you don’t use this in your programming, your workouts aren’t complete – DO NOT MISS THIS!)
  • Dynamic mobility drills VS FLOW… one of them will ACCELERATE your athlete’s potential immediately – MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RIGHT ONE AT THE RIGHT TIME.
  • Do this ONE THING in your warm-ups – and see INSTANT technique improvement and build STRENGTH faster! (It’s so easy you’ll be shocked you missed it before.)
  • Unlock the hidden strength and power inside of each of your athletes and become a 10X better coach immediately when we show you exactly how to build your special strength, fundamental movement, and supplemental exercise database!
  • Get 3 shockingly simple techniques for turning your athletes into powerhouses with special strength exercises and help them dominate their competition. (Your athletes will have more explosive power and more crushing speed, but also they will be the best conditioned!)
  • Get the proven, time-tested, and extremely effective TOP 10 special strength exercises for every single skill category!
  • Discover all of the secrets of this step-by-step guide and end all of your confusion about creating bulletproof athletes who turn into champions. (Don’t forget, getting your athletes to THEIR goals will allow YOU to live the life of your dreams!)
  • Get the “EVERYTHING INCLUDED” System that thousands of the most successful coaches, lifters, and trainers from all over the world have used to completely revolutionize their businesses, training programs, and lives by showing them EXACTLY how to create the most effective programs and workouts that GET RESULTS FAST!

The Proven Athletic Strength Development System contains:

  • #1) Massive Extreme Exercise Arsenal
  • #2) Largest Core Database Ever Compiled
  • #3) Strength and Performance Pyramid
  • #4) Athletic Assessment Model
  • #5) Long-Term Athletic Training Lifecycle
  • #6) Best Speed Training Drills for Team Sports
  • #7) Intensity Training Variables Template
  • #8) Durability and Capacity Continuum
  • #9) Critical Fundamental Positions
  • #10) Baseline / Regression / Progression Database
  • #11) Strength and Performance Continuum
  • #12) Complete CPPS Warm-up Protocol
  • And, much more!!!


International orders can take up to 2-4 weeks for delivery

ALL The Most POWERFUL Tools, Strategies, And Techniques
That Are Proven To Work

In the new Athletic Strength Development system, you get the complete training system to give your athletes the competitive edge on the competition, regardless if they are the young kid trying to make varsity or the veteran pro athlete who’s been in the league for years and looking to earn one more big contract.

As soon as you get your package delivered in the mail, you will immediately begin to become a better trainer. You will have all of your questions answered and have a system of training for exactly what to do from the time every athlete steps into your gym until the time they leave.

The confidence, security, and knowledge you will gain will make you the all star trainer you’ve always wanted to be and people will be talking about you as the ‘athlete maker’ in your area.

Here are just a few exercises and drills you’ll find inside the complete AMPED Warm-up System. You’ll find a massive arsenal of the best warm-up and recovery drills that have been proven to work over-and-over again in the gym with lifters, athletes, and coaches. The real truth is that if you want to maximize the results of ANY program you’re on, you have to warm-up the right way! That is why AMPED is critical for ANY program you ever do!

What You’ll Get With The New Athletic Strength Development System

Check out what will come in your package after you order the complete Athletic Strength Development System today! Every single book and DVD in the system was meticulously created and includes the best-of-the-best coaching, training, and performance tips, techniques and secrets we’ve put together over the last 10 years – we’ve left no stone unturned!

AMPED Warm-Up System

Learn The Secrets To Exploding Your Workouts and Athletic Performance With The Most Comprehensive Warm-Up System Ever Created!

It is, hands down, the most comprehensive resource you will ever find on the topic! We truly feel that this DVD/Manual package will “change the gae” forever with regards to warming up! Gone are days of skipping your warm-up because it’s “boring”, you’re “pressed for time”, or you “just don’t know how” to perform a proper warm-up; AMPED will also shed light on the “overreaction” that has occurred over the past couple years regarding the warm-up… AMPED will actually supercharge you for your workout (in a time-efficient manner), as opposed to taking all day to complete and frying you out before you even start to train!

AMPED Warm-up Disc 1&2
APED Quick Reference Guide
AMPED Warm-up Manual
COST: $109.95


High-Voltage New DVD Takes the Fitness Industry by Storm, Packed With Over 90 Exercises Proven to Build Mobile and Hostile Wrecking Machines!

This awesome DVD contains the following…
– Factors affecting Power
– Power Specificity/Principle of Dynamic

– Optimal Percentages/Volume Considerations for Power
– Five Best Ways to Develop Power!
– Comprehensive Medicine Ball Throw variations
– Upper & Lower Body Plyometric
– Olympic Life variations & other Dynamic Barbell exercises
– Full Chapter on Transfer Training guidelines
– Favorite Exercise Pairings for Power
– 10 Sample POWER! Workouts!
– A 30-page POWER! e-book w/ Sample Workouts

POWER Manual
COST: $54.95


Who Else Wants To Discover Over 130 Never-Before-Seen Exercise Proven to Make You Stronger, Faster and More Athletic?!

Strength training programs should revolve around and rely on basic exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy rows, box jumps, prowler pushes, etc – to develop a solid foundation. But, incorporating “imperfection training” methods within your accessory exercises is a phenomenal way to help prevent injuries, increase strength and improve and athlete’s power potential! As coaches, we must get out of the rut of prescribing the ‘same old’ linear, accessory lifts (lunges, back extensions, lat pulldowns, leg curls, calf raises, etc.) and start getting creative in order to build Freak athletes! Our EXTREME DVD is a major step in helping you think outside the box when you design programs!

COST: $54.95

The HardCORE System

The Revolutionary Core Training System That Took the Fitness Industry By Storm Reveals the Truth About Core Training and Will Change Your Training Forever!

In Disc 1 you’ll learn the devastating effects that dysfunction such as immobility, poor breathing and instability have on optimal core strength. Disc 2 reveals how you can bulletproof your core by developing strength, stability and improved power potential with some of the sickest core training exercises ever recorded. Finally, in Disc 3, you’ll find the Hard:CORE manual which will bring everything together. There is also a bonus Hard:CORE soundtrack and the innovative Hard:CORE 30 minute mobility routine.

HardCORE Manual
HardCORE DVD’s – Disc 1, 2 & 3
HardCORE Soundtrack (mp3’s on the root of DVD)
       -with Danny from Fallout Shelter
COST: $126.95

The SPEED System

The Definitive Resource on Speed Training for Team Sport Athletes Has Arrived!

We’ve all head the expression, “Speed Kills.” This is because most game-changing plays are determined by fractions of a second. SPEED has always been the physical attribute that every athletes wants; yet the information regarding how to get it has been unclear… until now! SPEED is about the change the game forever!

SPEED Manual
COST: $127.00


Master the Essential Barbell Lifts and Get RESULTS Faster On ANY Program!

Every program includes variations of bench press, squat, or deadlift, which is why it is critical for all lifters to optimize their individual technique for each of the “Big 3” barbell lifts. Better technique means adding more more weight to the bar and getting results faster, i.e., increase strength, increase muscle mass, and improve performance.

Bench Press DVD
Squat DVD
Deadlift DVD
COST: $147.00


One of the most critical aspects of an athlete’s program is enhancing their ability to utilize the strength, power, and speed they develop in the weight room to improve their potential performance in the game. Incorporating special strength exercises into the athlete’s training session will help to bridge this gap and provide them with more complex physiological adaptations to really improve their athletic performance. While Verkhoshansky’s Principle of Dynamic Correspondence provides the road map for true functional strength development, special strength remains one of the most misunderstood and poorly integrated concepts of performance training.

In the new Special Strength System, we have consolidated and categorized all of the complex concepts, principles, and research from Verkhoshansky, Siff, Bondarchuk, and Kurz and created an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply 4-Core Protocol for applying special strength exercises into any program for maximum results in the shortest time possible.

Special Strength Manual
Special Strength DVD
COST: $147.00


The Best Warm-up, Strength, Power, Speed, and Athletic Performance System Ever Created!


International orders can take up to 2-4 weeks for delivery

100% Satisfaction guarantee

The Athletic Strength Development System is tested & proven to help get your athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive and give you a complete training system to make you a better trainer. If you honestly test out the system and it doesn’t work for you, then email our customer support team and we’ll refund your investment. We stand behind this product 100% and there is absolutely no risk. We guarantee this product’s effectiveness and are committed to your success.


Learn The Insider Secrets Of The Top Trainers In The World And Get the Tested and Proven System That Reveals The Most Powerful Athletic Performance Methods Ever Created!

With this investment in your future, you will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting athletes stronger, bigger, faster, and how to improve their potential performance on the field with the best power, speed, and special strength exercises all of the top trainers in the world are using with their elite athletes.

Let us cut right to the chase, we know the complete Athletic Strength Development System is going to revolutionize your training program, make you a better trainer (with more confidence), and help you change the lives of every single athlete that walks into your doors. Yes, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

After you order your system today and gain access to the best and most complete training system ever created, we look forward to hearing about all your successes with your clients and athletes!

International orders can take up to 2-4 weeks for delivery


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Answer: When your package arrives, take a picture and tag #athleticperformance – along with Smitty and Joe D. on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

FAQ #2: Is the Athletic Strength Development System a physical product?

Answer: Yes, all of the manuals and DVD’s in the system that you see on this page are physical products. The entire system will be shipped directly to the address you use during checkout. Please make sure your shipping address is correct.

FAQ #3: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Within the continental US, shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. If you are an International customer, shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on where you are in the world.

FAQ #4: Do You Ship Anywhere In the World?

Answer: Yes, we ship all over the world.

FAQ #5: I Am An International Customer, Will All of the DVD’s Play In My DVD Player?

Answer: Yes, all of our DVD products are formatted to play in all DVD players and laptops.